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Barnstead / Thermo B-Pure Lab Water Systems

barnstead b-pure system

B-PURE systems are modular wall-mountable systems for point-of-use deionization. Simply add modules as needed when your water requirements change. All systems accept pre- and posttreatment cartridges. Use pretreatment cartridges to filter water before reverse osmosis, deionization, or distillation. Use posttreatment cartridges at the point of use for filtration of ultrapure water.

Easily install and remove cartridges; a quarter twist releases canister. A digial resistivity Meter or A PURA®-Lite resistivity indicator can be mounted directly to the housing to monitor water purity threshold.

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The B-Pure water 2 dual housing systems flow up to 3 liters per minute and come with a draw-off valve and digital temperature compensated purity meter. These system are capable of producing water with a very high purity level depending on pretreatment and the types of filters you select for it.

Typically people will use an SB1801 and an MB1801 filter to make deionized water. 

Max. inlet pressure: 100 psig. 

Inlet and outlet connection: 1/2 inch NPTF 

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Barnstead / Thermo B-Pure Lab Water Systems

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